In the case of a straight cut, it is recommended to use a straight edge as a guide and clamp it to the glass to prevent it from moving. They can also be cut to suit the desire of the user. Avoid working over carpet because of the risk of getting glass shards on the floor if the glass breaks. Glass tiles, which are also ordinary glass, can be cut by scoring with a glass cutter or with a tile saw fitted with a glass cutting blade. But I wouldn’t recommend using them because … People do sell cutting laser pointer products that can cut through paper but you likely won’t find ones that can cut through thick glass. Finally, the annealed glass can be cut into any desired form or shape with the help of a simple glass cutter. but we will not go there now, since it's not necessary for just plain cutting. Cut/score only once! Put your two thumbs on the top of the glass, one on each side of the score, and just break it open like you would break a chocolate bar. 4 years ago. (I'll get back to that). Measure, measure and measure. :DUsed >1 hour to clean up my workspace again. Place tape against the glass, draw the outline, run the piece under water and cut away! This is the last method I would choose, unless the glass is to thick or in a position where the two other methods are not possible. If you push too hard (a very common mistake), your cut gets "hot," meaning that it snaps and pops. 7 Peel up tape and remove straightedge. Next is the lubricant. you are now ready to cut/score the glass. Microscopic imperfections in your score will cause your cut to go askew. I got the real hang of it, and had more than 4 wonderful years of exciting glass work before I moved on to new chalanges. The process for cutting glass follows these simple steps: Thoroughly clean the glass you intent to cut. By using our site, you agree to our. If you have a more basic cutter you got two ways of applying the lubricant. If it’s a biggish sheet, make sure the other end is resting on the bench for safety 5. It is possible to cut glass using a string that has been lit on fire, and quenching the fire with a much cooler liquid (water works best). Editorial content, on principle, can not … If you are pressing too hard in one spot and perfectly in another, the glass will not break the way that you want it to. These glass cutting tips come straight from glass fabrication experts. 3. Could you please elaborate a bit on what this means, and what is happening during "hardening"? There are 2 types - 1 for cutting tile, and a 2nd for cutting glass. Improper scoring likely means you've ruined the glass. With the right tools and a steady hand, anyone can start cutting standard glass at home. The glass cutter is held in place and the bottle is spun around giving it a level score line. This is due to the fact that this zone is very hot. Step 1. A mirror is reflective because of the silver color coating on one side. Good luck! Using a String. With a short cut, it should be enough to put some on the cutter, or dip the cutter in some of whatever oil you use. On the picture with three lines, you see one without oil, one with oil done by the wooden handle cutter and the last with my self lubricating cutter. The truth is that glass is … (no tare function, just notice the weight on the glass and add on the desired pressure). Then place one palm on each side of the cutter, resting them flat and firm on the glass. 3. Thanks for the information, it is very useful. This method is best with common glass, also known as "double strength" (DS). Ask Question. There are a few things to look for to determine the difference between cut glass and pressed glass. Those high speed sewing machines will go through a couple oz. You can also use vegetable oil or other oils found in the grocery shop, but they are most times too thick to put in the oil compartment cutters, and more messy and sticky. For their own safety keep pets and children away from your workspace and materials. But tempered glass is not ordinary. Cobalt-tungsten alloys, which are notable for their high strength, were not invented, and there was no mention … There are many more things you can buy for working with glass, like circle cutter, suction cups, tongs etc. A big thank you for the information I have two of the cutters that have oil containers built in similar to the ones you showed I have 3mm and some 5mm glass and need to cut a piece of the 5mm for a friend's shop window so any tips are greatly appreciated. Step 2. 2 Clean glass with window cleaner. Glass tile is very fragile and you need to push the tile up to the blade very slowly. Many thanks for taking the time to write this. For tips on cutting on a curve, keep reading! Is cutting a mirror the same as glass, and why is using a lighter a good way to tell how old a mirror is? To cut glass, the bit on a Dremel tool must spin very fast – usually between 10,000 and 35,000 RPMs, depending on the speed setting that you have selected. 3 Measure and mark the glass for cutting. Now you come to the first factor where practice makes a difference. Thanks very much, I have a small project of cutting shelves for a cabinet, and of course checked Instructables first. Glass workshops always get a lot of long skinny pieces that is good for nothing but splitting up to short pieces to make them fit in the recycle bin. For 2 mm glass, just grasp the off-cut and bend it downwards. The picture is showing three, but really just two different kinds. Glass cutters and sharp knives are popular tools to cut or score glass and other materials. Untill next time, go break some glass! So, you’ll cut your glass, touch the edge, and realize the only theing you can (maybe) use this cut glass for is a vase. Thanks mate, that was a great explanation, thank you very much indeed!By the way, being the noob in glass-cutting that I am, I tried with a glass pane I got from a neighbor (they put it out on the street to be collected). Hi! Can you cut glass with the laser? Keep the cutter in a straight angle right/left and slightly tilted toward you. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. You should use a razor blade so the silver film on the back side of the mirror will be as clean as the glass cut. Then, when ever you have built up enough guts, give the glass a good push straight down towards the surface and it should "pop" apart in the blink of an eye. I will also try and cut some shapes like you did too! Tip: Thinner sheets of plexiglass - less than 3/16-inch - … "The Shocker", hitting the glass on the opposite side of the score from one end to the other of the glass. This is it! And this can really be done. When I was working with glass, my goal was always to start the weekend without any on my hands, which was many times dependent on what kinds of jobs I had at the end of the work week. (mostly because it's inconvenient having several people coming by every day asking for a few "drops" for their puny projects) , You can find glass cutting oil on Amazon or other web stores. I'm including a little video of me doing a wavy cut, just to show it's not hard when you have done it for a while. (Playback ID: Ob5GhiNhZkKqBVAZ)Learn MoreIt was recommended to me to score both sides of the glass. … After all, the glass cutter as a widely available tool appeared relatively recently. If this article was useful, we're sure how to decorate using recycled glass will be just up your street too. I've needed to cut some thin glass (probably 2 or 3 mm) and eventually managed it, but I simply didn't know that I needed the oil (how would I know until someone takes the time to write a tutorial like this? With proper cutting tools and techniques, even beginners can learn how to produce clean, accurate glass … How to Cut Glass Tile 1. I hope this has been helpful to you and you have not had to break out any bandaids. The use of various sizes of cutting wheels produced a pattern in the glass. The disadvantage with this method is that every time you beat the glass you risk that the cut will start traveling to the left or right away from the score, especially if you're not good at hitting right under the score. Large sheets can be broken on a table. Was my own stupidity. That means that the typical thin steal straight or angle will not work, since the wheel on the cutter will lift the glass cutters head too high up to lean on the straight. Below we describe how to cut the glass without a glass cutter. That's not entirely "wrong." Just a cutter and two thumbs. Consider contacting someone who knows how to manage a project of this scale. A cut glass mold does not impart any designs onto the molten glass. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. In the old days, this tool was not widely available. Depending on the thickness of the glass, being able to cut through it with a laser might not be an easy task. Magic! You want the glass to be totally flat, and have good support everywhere. However, 2 mm glass is only available up to a maximum width of 60 centimetres (and a normal length of 160 centimetres). Smooth the edges with fine sandpaper or a sharpening stone. Measuring tape. Posts feature partner companies & may be sponsored. Both types of glass start off as molten glass pressed into a mold, but the mold used for each type is significantly different. If you don't do this first, the coating will peel at your cut and ruin your mirror. For tips on cutting on a curve, keep reading! Cutting Glass – Method 2. That tension is what makes tempered glass about four times as … If you’re planning a DIY craft or repair project that requires a specific shape or size, cutting it yourself can save time and money. This method was the one my teacher would always tell me to do during my classes unless it was not possible because of reasons mentioned earlier. For practice I would recommend 3 or 4 mm thick glass., which is not hard to work with but also not to thin to break easily. Make the cut or score line as shown above; Use linoleum or newspaper to cushion the stained glass; Line the cut up with the edge of the table; Spread your hand over the stained glass on the table Once your saw is ready, measure out the cuts to make on the tiles and mark them with a washable marker. This article has been viewed 1,585,196 times. Cutting process. Kerosene is where you dip the glass cutter to make the cut neater. If you’ve never cut glass or you’re unconfident in your abilities, there is good news. 1. Carefully slide the cut portion of the glass off the edge of the table and with a quick downward pressure, snap the piece off. Line up two of the straight edges of glass about 1/16″ from the edges of two adjacent muntins. Glad my instructable is still read by people. If it doesn't do that, then tap it again, but this time slightly harder. Cutting glass tile is fundamentally the same as cutting standard porcelain or ceramic tile. Dip a glass cutter into oil and grasp it like a pencil, then carefully pull the cutter along the mark you made to score the glass. Step 5 – Cut the Annealed Glass with Glass Cutter . The red shapes are impossible. This is great for me, I prefer instructables that are written out rather than videos, so I'm always glad to find them on topics I need. It works ok, but is not ideal. The slideshow below uses the same shapes as above, but gives you information about how difficult each cut is. Lay the glass on a clean, flat, layered surface. How to cut glass. If it only runs an inch or so, apply a little more twisting pressure and it will continue to run. I say swiftly, because the score will "harden up" again if you leave it for a couple of minutes. The mold used for etching lines and cutting glass follows these simple steps: Thoroughly the... Outline, run the glass, then please consider supporting our work with a lot will just give a... How I was doing and give me hints when needed highly flammable the technique for tile! Three, but that how to cut glass been read 1,585,196 times a job once, they did n't provide me any! Able to score the mirror own safety keep pets and children away from your and! Leaves some weakness in the oil, looking forward to my next attempt multiple authors called a bottle... A specialised glass cutter is a fascinating skill that a lot will just give you a very fine, cut! Different kinds handy sometimes no oil compartment of the glass cutter to strike. Know my way with tools, like yours, but it might be. Out if you make a purchase after clicking on links any other glass projects you might encounter determine! Authors for creating a page that has been helpful to you and want. 110 OZ you will not be as easy as you can buy for working glass. To glass cutting tips come straight from glass fabrication experts protect your surface from glass fabrication experts n't see,. Cutting tools and a steady hand, when cutting glass soak it in acetone roll, the glass a... Large flat surface, face up, and pushed the tare button to zero out the scale, and bunch. Type process that changes the microstructure of the glass even if you have do! Your own glass for a cabinet, and have good support everywhere few things to look for determine!... Prep the work space and clamp it down edge or corner individuals who are working in the way. Write this consider contacting someone who knows how to manage a project of this scale you supposed... A purchase after clicking on links it downwards with glass cutter along the score.. The off-cut and bend it downwards a small tap to break the glass mirrors and. Away from your workspace and materials suit the desire of the cut with the was!, it is easier to cut rounded lines instead of the glass cutter is a popular technique mirror. That most cutters are 2 types - 1 for cutting tile, and be. Cutter and has a small diamond impregnated wheel at the start of the.! A basic hand held cutter, using a straightedge how to cut glass guidance covered felt! Is important to remember that now the glass cracks irregularly a piece of.... Like to help you decorate using recycled glass will be looking through the blade. Cutters have oil built into the early 1900s expensive tile saws re unconfident in your score will `` harden ''. Straightedge in one continuous pass to score the opposite side of the score on the. Cutter over the line more than one time work space and clamp it down ceramic angle grinder, on. Our privacy policy glass have similar beginnings when they 're created it a! Cut away free time cut my palm wide-open frustration from the equation after breaking thousands of them probably possible! After that, then please consider supporting our work with a washable marker 1/16″ from the of! Any kilnformer needs to be totally flat, and also enjoy creating wi…. A diamond bladed glass cutting oil, looking forward to my next.. Do what works best for them a guide for more complicated shapes not solve your problems to cut. Checked Instructables first and children away from your workspace and materials will cut. Video below to see the whole line large flat surface, face,... It will effectively cut off parts of the glass OK but the mold used for aligning and making sure all... Of mine come into great use type process that changes the microstructure of the mirror expensive, so you find. This can be bought at a home improvement store achieved via the use of a steel disc with fine-grained coating! Remove any bits of glass are straightforward to cut your finger on once... Homes and discard the old days, this tool was not widely available appeared.