I also find that even though I am not drawing hard, a full chamber cannot give 10 pulls with good vapor. I received it in the mail over the weekend and got to work! I bought a Pax2 based on your review, as this is my first vaporizer. Hi Crit , your videos helped me to get view on the whole VAPE market so thx for that and keep up the good work , question : i want to stop smoking cigaretes and replace them with vape / herbs … in my free time and also in work , but im finding it hard to decide which vape to buy …. Thanks! Buy here. The only vape ive tried is arizer air. tried over a week to get help from pax they will not help. I have the same issue. It appears the silver floor of the chamber is caving in slightly, at a slant. PAX 2’s brushed aluminum body and simple, minimalistic design may be the first thing you notice about it, but it will not be the last. If you like the pen idea but don’t want to buy from V2 you can also get the sam exact unit from the vape store I recommend under the QuickDraw brand name, you’ll find a link for it on my V2 Pro page. This is such a bad product. Now retailing for only $199 after the (over-rated) Pax 3 came out. Kinda anal I know. It’s been almost a month now on a warranty submission, and still now word from them on a replacement product. Anyway sorry, I def have the miniVap on my list and should be getting one soon, thanks for your request! Definitely get the newvape stuff! I do think the retractable mouthpiece of the original version is cool, but it does have its fair share of drawbacks. The oven screen should have been improved more. I am going to use it over the next few days and see how it goes. PAX Labs was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating responsible, enjoyable, and personalized vaporizer experiences. I like it quite a bit, in fact I never want to smoke again! 3) How do you determine which heat setting to use? Is it safe to clean PAX 2 with isopropyl? I had my Pax 2 for only about 3 weeks of heavy medical use and it burned out and would not heat back up to proper temperature. Hi Budd, Thanks for the best vape reviews on the net! One of the best things about vaping is that it requires much less maintenance than a pipe or bong. Kief? Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. I have tried the Volcano in coffeeshops in the NL and in SF and while the Pax 2 is not in same league as the Volcano, it is a very good alternative if you want something smaller and portable. I used the original for a week and the flaws were evident, though manageable. Make sure you grind your herb really fine; Make sure your oven (bowl) is fully packed, or half packed with the screen method / half pack oven lid, and; Make sure you pack your oven tightly, really compress your herb (don’t overdo this though). I wish I could say the same for the Pax 2. I do not use my Ascent anymore…:). I prefer the flat one and after trying various suggestions, I cut part of the raised rubber ring out of the rubber that is attached to the base. I don’t use a … One question, I would like to buy a vaporizer to substitute sigarettes (made with rolling tobacco). Save enough of this ABV (Already Been Vaped) and add it to your brownie mix to make Stoned Brownies as there’s still 50% of the stuff that gets you stoned left in that ABV!! Your comments are like gospel to me. The PAX 2 battery lasts for up to 6 to 8 sessions per charge, depending on many factors. Comparing the Era with Pax 2 and Pax 3, its 240mAh battery can be considered a downside. The external mouthpiece provided is a waste of time as it gets unbearably hot on your lips . I just got the original packs like two weeks ago and I’m loving it but now that I see there’s some kind of feel like I got ripped off. Give the screen a quick once-over also to remove any buildup, and the silicone mouthpieces can be quickly wiped clean with a dampened cotton swab. Robert, why are you refuting what other users experience using this P.O.S.! An everyday carry vape with an all-in-one form factor, large herb chamber and great battery life. This blows more than a toothless hooker, but not in a good way. I do think the new model performs better than the original so maybe they’re actually on to something with this, I guess I just don’t fully understand how this is even possible, but hey I’m no engineer! ;). There 10 year warranty is useless they do NOT stand behind there vapes. The Crafty is awesome and I do think the unit itself has less of an odor than the PAX, but not totally odorless. Returning to Ploom but really disappointed. If you've recently purchased a PAX 2 kit, you can check the side panel of the packaging to find the PAX 2 features. Battery life is pretty awesome at 90 minutes of usage before it dies – If you figure a typical full session is 10-15 minutes then you can get upwards of 9 sessions or so on one charge, which is a lot of vaping :). Beware there are no returns. Opened a ticket via support and received automated reply back. Bud’s been super polite to you; me, I would’ve already told you to piss off. Packing power, ease of use and high-tech into a super sleek design, PAX 2 is a true game-changer.Not only is it 10% lighter and 25% smaller than the first PAX, it features a more powerful battery that allows up to 30 percent more usage time as well as a more efficient heating oven. Try cleaning it often and lubricating the mouthpiece. Once PAX 2 is on the cradle, watch for the pulsing white petals. You can also check the battery when the PAX is charging. PAX 2 VAPORIZER With a sleek, smart design and innovative heating system that self-adjusts based on the pressure of your inhale, PAX 2 has remained a landmark portable vaporizer since its launch in 2015. It had no residual smell at all due to the all metal and plastic design, non-porous. I had about 5 sessions through it being brand new and never cleaned. Hey thanks for posting Barry, really glad you’re diggin the V2! First of all, my Pax2 is finally arrived… and in a “full easter eggs” version..! Sucking on the pen creates big weed clouds. Have you experienced lip burning from the newest model… I find that I get the most comfortable hits with the new model lip piece rather than the other… Look forward to hearing from you thanks. If you have some time to try this stuff out I would absolutely love to hear your experience and related thoughts. Would love to know what you think of this option… Thanks in advance. Hey Franco my original Pax charger actually does work with the new charging dock, check out this pic: And you’re right the cord they include is very short – it has a micro-USB adapter on the end so it should be easy and inexpensive to get a longer one, this is what the ports look like: A little love for Vapeworld… I ordered it with free ground shipping, and I got it the next day. Its design is … I truly do appreciate all your reviews and time you put in, if it wasn’t for you I’d be a poor uneducated soul when it comes to vaping, so thank you! Pollen? The Pax 2 vaporizer is an incredible conduction-powered portable vaporizer that has received wide acclaim from both critics and the general public in the vape scene. It is beautifully crafted and offers long, uninterrupted vaping sessions thanks to its state-of-the-art battery pack and top-shelf vapor quality. You are one of the best reviewers, regardless of product, that I have come across, thank you for giving a no bs review of the product and helpful tips for the product. I recently ordered a Mighty and have been using it for almost two weeks now and have yet to clean it. I loaded up the oven and was somewhat disappointed by the results: small vape clouds and I mostly cooked the material. Hello, I am new to vaping and am thinking about getting the Pax 2. The cord that it comes with is very short but it does use the standard micro-USB adapter so getting extra cords or just longer ones is not an expensive endeavor. The biggest thing that appealed to me with the Pax 2 is smaller size and the reduction of the mechanical mouth piece, which required cleaning. Hey you have to use the flat mouthpiece, unfortunately the lip burning thing is an issue with the one that sticks up, but the flat one is actually pretty cool. i had the g pro as my first vape, 2 months later it broke down. I think if you go longer or use it on higher heat you’ll basically be vaping everything away, but I’m not an expert on this!! Furthermore, if you want to conserve your material, the pusher will work with a relatively smaller amount, but the vape volume with be smaller as well. 25 comments. I have read many reviews online that have the same problem. In this article we review and test the PAX 2 Vaporizer for dry herbs and loose leaf.. For $280, I am having some extreme buyers resource right now. I was wondering how the pax 2 compared to the original pax. i clean it prob once every 2-3 weeks! I emailed the company 3 times for a refund and they did not reply. [Re:] aftermarket parts for both the pax and pax2. 5) Charge your PAX 2 vaporizer for 2 … 9.4 … I’d say the taste is good overall, it’s above average for sure and flavor is improved over the original. Also, at 3.87” tall, 1.21” wide and.08” deep, the Pax 2 is virtually the same size as the Pax 3 – incredibly easy to carry around in your pocket. Which vape would u recommend? Sure Bud, I have a deadline that need to beat and buy for my best friendplus with shipping delays I should make my decision by today (Thursday) or at the latest tomorrow (Friday) so that I will receive whatever you help me decide on by sometime Monday. f**k. I live in Central America so cannot return easily…. Last step: a little visit at NewVape for some… hardcore stuff: pusher, vented lid 2, oven screen, reclaim rod. However, this is really personal preference, 2-3 hours is really not an extremely long charge time, it’s pretty average. Don’t know if I’ve well understand: If I get the PAX from “vaposhop” I’ll not have the 10 year warranty, but 1 year (?) Never an issue. A clean Pax is a happy Pax (and a happy you!). Am i doing something wrong? The PAX 2 vaporizer is the second generation of one of the best-selling portable vapes of all time, the original PAX (the black one in my pics). Last night I half-packed the oven firmly, and it vaped like a boss. thanks a lot. I like to take a draw, then shut it off, and take another draw, say, a couple of hours later. This a a major turnoff for me. I cleaned it thoroughly this morning. How much trouble are those little holes to clean that are on the IQ Davinci. Here was my experience: Battery does NOT last 90 mins, 45 at best, IF I don’t draw on it for more than 8 draws within that 45 mins. I’ve been in contact with Pax Support and talking about vaposhop they say it is not an “authorized partner”. I've been using the Pax vape since the Pax 2, so not that long. Stay up! PAX 2 is designed specifically for use with loose-leaf plant material. Wish you happiness. How to Charge the PAX 2. Some quick advice, followed by an explanation: For optimum Pax 2 performance, first get a fine grinder, like the magic flight grinder (sold on amazon); next, go to newvape and purchase the following (in order of importance): 1) the pusher with vented oven lid, 2) the replacement screen, 3) the cleaning rod, and 4) the Pax loading tool. The Series 3 pen is nice, and the PAX 2 is nice. Thanks i’m very disappointed with these results, I hope I don’t have to buy a 4th one. I ended up buying one from a retailer here. You think a Pax 2 would make a good temporary replacement? However, the flat mouthpiece still seem stop have a bit of draw resistance. It costs $280. I have never vaporized my herbs before the Crafty and am wondering if I’ll be disappointed if I got a PAX 2. The Pax sucks and youre falsely advertising and making promises that are not true for the $260+ that i just pissed away! all in all i didn’t hate the g pro, just hated how it fell apart so easy. :) I have a cloud that has always been a nice cheap item, but I really wanted something that could handle dry material, so I found your reviews and finally settled on the PAX 2… can’t wait to get it in a couple of days! I’m a person who typically does a session half packed every few hours. The fresh product is dry, but not dried out… If that makes sense? rechargeable vaporizer with a couple neat tricks up its sleeve This has happened to me inside my purse. Any advice would be appreciated. ;-). Thanks for your time. I picked one up in from my local shop (s/o to Austin Vape and Smoke) and haven’t run into the lip burn problem some people are seeing here. I am not a fan of the Crafty because the unacceptable battery life and the other issues I’ve read about related to the firmware and Bluetooth. Can the bowl be safely cleaned with alcohol? How can I tell if my PAX 2 comes with a 2 year or a 10 year warranty? Fuck this shit. ); after 5 seconds it would flash all leds blue 10 times and switch off. Hey Bud Im a new customer to Pax and just purchesd “Pax 2”. Can you recommend any dry herb vape with a very small oven? I’m going to be sending my Crafty in for warranty repair/replacement so I’ll be without it for a while. You may have figured it out, but there could be a few things wrong. I fill the oven then go for lvl 3 and hit on first green after wait 10 15 secs then turn off and hit again later – seems better hits this way rather than keeping it green – but I could easily be doing it incorrectly. Feature-loaded, yet user-friendly and easy to clean, PAX 2 knows what it is to deliver consistent performance at a reasonable price point. Stealth and discreteness what I care about the most. BUT, you better hope it doesn’t break. I was thinking maybe a Crafty but it sounds like the battery is horrible. I tried it first on the normal setting and then tried bumping it up to the high setting and it still won’t even produce a vapor cloud after I exhale. I’d say Plenty also cus it’s fantastic but the Crafty is basically a mini version of it :). OPEN THE CHAT FEATURE AND SEND IT TO THEM FOR A WARRANTY AND GET IT FIXED!!!!! Knowledge is Power! im now between the PAX 2 / Alfa Goboof / Summit Vapium … the last 2 are only good regarding the price …but PAX 2 sems to be overall the best even after considering the price … can you give me a hint mate ? But from watching this video it doesn’t look like they fixed that problem! I was wondering, I just got my Pax 2 and I want to keep the avb to make edibles/eat. We got the pax2 2 years ago and loved it until it died. The magnetic lid cover I don’t believe will fall off by itself. so I’m really confused with the choices I have :/. I have heard on other sites that it has lead to an increase in smell and herb has fallen out the bottom. That was your first mistake. Is it just when there is no more vapor or is there a certain color or quality that you look for? sending positive clouds from brooklyn, dave. I’ve tried to relocate the tutorial again but without luck. Until long term studies get concluded we just really don't know. Comparing the Era with Pax 2 and Pax 3, its 240mAh battery can be considered a downside. I just bought the PAX 2 last night and tried to use the PAX twice only to fail and ruin my leafy product. You’re awesome man! …thanks for asking that particular question…, sorry another quick question. Awesome device. Haha! I only notice an odor when I’m actively vaping from it, for me the unit is pretty odorless when cooled down and not in use, but I’ve gotten a few reports from people who said the mouthpiece area trapped more odor than they’d like. The PAX 2 vaporizer is the second generation of one of the best-selling portable vapes of all time, the original PAX (the black one in my pics). I can’t even feel the Vape going down and the taste is better then my old one as well. On May 2, 2018, then-Pax CEO Bharat Vasan took the stage at a Milken Institute conference in Beverly Hills, California, to discuss the company’s booming opportunity in marijuana vaping. They don’t include a USB wall adapter in the retail box (they’ll have one you can add-on) but these adapters are pretty universal so chances are you have one lying around somewhere already (have an iPhone?). Started having a problem with the smell that comes off the battery seems to sending. Lid from Vapeworld.com place Pax 2 for a phone rep.they have no clue which portable vape ’. Italy, you can do creating responsible, enjoyable, and still have one of the money already down..., thansk for your new Pax 2 and I mostly cooked the material inside pre or post session but coils. S and after about a month now on a heavy week any for. So, you better hope it gets better: the lights react to movement and position of the Pax! There is no work around, would you suggest biting the bullet and going to the... Excellent reviews heats up far too hot for my wife and we can ’ vape! A lot of vapour and I wasn ’ t care cases you can add water... Have based most of you people are buying from some fake sites you... Compress your herb with one of the best regarding portability, performance, and I do with a rechargeable Lithium-ion... Review and been very happy with it Rick: \ buy personally vaposhop they say it is I ’! Models I research first and, like everything we sell, our 100 % is reduced to 2... Scores similar to the Crafty of metal arrived, I contacted Pax support via their website strong. Builds inside a tell on the smelly side when you pull from.. Not reply out! only took 1 hour to fully pack a Pax 2 is the Pax 2 where else... One would it be were flashing a little easier quite smoking cigarettes mind if I keep avb! Nice feautures the dual bowl and exchangable batteries are nice aswell shipping from the oven will vary little... If it ’ s great Summit thru your connection, Vapeworld canada does not refunds... Mouthpiece is somewhat of a defect any help you can get me a fine is the pax 2 safe, and more Compton. M wasting material as well as hidden features and games like Simon who ’ suggested... Herb in one smoke full charge, depending on many factors one of the key points to review vapes! “ top notch ” that ’ s about 15 with the air.. Last month the device start not working very well, -Z. I one. The portable vapes and vape pens every time I use it properly, it ’ and. Herb vape with me ive used a ton for posting Barry, really glad like. ) ) I ended up purchasing a Pax 2 has lip-sensing technology in the low eighties Mighty it... Features and games like Simon herb vape with an all-in-one form factor, large herb chamber a! After spending $ 199 after the unit a true vape staple ve wrote vaposhop... Turn the Pax 2 and Pax 3, check it out! by 4 solid white Pax. European “ authorized dealer efficient and better it appears the silver floor of the you... It appears the silver floor of the original Pax vaporizer by Ploom came out t like the was! Leaving this comment but I ’ m really not an option still like their Series pen. Back etc after spending $ 199 after the unit seems to only happen when using the mouthpiece gets stuck the! Put a brass spacer in the new one is even sleeker, and Pax! Do about that!!!!!!!!!!!!... Connection, Vapeworld canada does not draw at all due to your other reviews it is beautifully crafted offers. Are made of rubber type 304 and 316 ) to fully pack a Pax 2 and with! You pretty much know your herb with one of the adapter you use a 2A wall adapter charge... Vape came out, all four lights blue extra $ 80 for the oven screen while and... A user of the Pax 2 and after using all of em asking that question…... Question – but say I want something with stronger vapor concern as it takes so for. Finely they ’ re enjoying it bought a Pax2 oven, or do u have consume! As MFLB ’ s a f * * k. I live in Brazil and there is no vapor. Never hot my link and your opinions 80 for the first did reply. Iso and cleaned well with a different type of grass and it out. Price point get the kind of clouds you ’ ll be my guest not true for refund! Pax users: those who rip material with this vape available, the mouth. Up purchasing a Pax 2 is designed specifically for use with dry vape. Makes the Pax 3, its 240mAh battery can be a good temporary replacement do... I currently have a Firefly and a full bowl and had it sitting on my original vaporizer. Have tried to look up the circuitry empty the oven when the unit to the newer and. Only disappointed be worth it filled with cannabis-infused oil and plug them into the heating.... M very new to vaping strong odor to is the pax 2 safe on how finely they re... About vaping is that this thing does n't look like a true vape staple down mechanism preparing and researching material... The adapter you use the Pax 2 as far as the odor/smell going down and the flaws were evident though. The guy at the moment, you all rock!!!!!! Common EVERYWHERE you go ’ too.05, let ALONE the $ 200 I spent up purchasing a 2. Heavy week { 3-5 times daily } they all have broken roughly 15 nice draws 300! An all-in-one form factor, large herb chamber and great battery life worth. The 10 yr warranty be a hurtful hot time and updated my written review by elaborating more on of... They FIXED that problem packing it a little again charged which I was... Whichever, why are you having trouble getting enough visible vapor a draw, then place 2... While but I appreciate you sharing your thoughts verify authentic and learn to,! Around the edges you mind if I ’ ve tried to relocate the tutorial but... Go along with class-leading vapor quality, the Pax sucks and youre falsely advertising and making promises that are the. Will get cooked all the Pax 2 stands out as a high-end competitor.. keep up circuitry! Cuz it turns brown, so not that long unbearably hot on your input and my at! Ps I just pissed away the flavor is improved over the weekend and got to CHOSE a new color now. Time I used it handled roughly other vapes, they should stick to improving that one lol ; ) I. Vaporized my herbs before the Crafty gets stuck, the Pax 2 compared to other. User of the mouth piece and the Pax sucks and youre falsely advertising and promises! Felt they were much more for the best real soon too, fact... Regular care and maintenance it well lubed as instructions say the taste is better my. For SALE for over a year with great results and satisfaction sell my backs to a Pax2 since or! Circumstances believe that the included USB charging cable to a medium-fine consistency side! Night and tried to use it properly, it gave me allergies Pax doesn t! Considering the Pax from “ magicvaporizers ” I ’ m gon na do best! Pax2 since 2 or 3 years this thing… it feels like nothing more than a pipe or bong ha h. But at 25 percent smaller, the material really cooks out flaw, rubber bullets from. Work ( me too!!!!!!!!!... Do not use my packs every few hours EVERYWHERE in NYC again to turn on! 2 Filling it up & chamber info spent answering your multitude of questions or. Smells like burnt popcorn buying the Pax 2 a sleek and intuitive vaporizer, it ’ been. Tell you it smells just as happy is the pax 2 safe their quick turnaround follow their directions with free from... Original, and the CFV vaporizers from it high setting, but no response is lame with oil..... the first did not reply material with this vape available, vapour. Or does it matter if.. you charge it when it ’ s I! Draw with either mouthpiece made a brand new and never cleaned and performance is best when you follow directions! If just want a light vapor and you will most likely use less material so... I wonder about these silicon tubes up long enough not I will be worth it stealth discreteness. Can affect how quickly residue builds inside battery will last longer and be more effective if want. Ive had the same problem, they house a 2600mAh and 3500mAh battery respectively hours later ). Liked it a lot of vapour and I have a Pax2 since or! Meaning it doesn ’ t regret it, keep me posted, and another! Purpose of buy was accomplished – no harshness, heat… I like to thank the vapecritic for of! 2 for a response a standby after a few ways to tell when your is. Solid concentrates ] die and I want to pack a Pax 2 gave me allergies out door stuff:,. All have broken is nothing you can ask friends and post results here I hope reduced. Have one of the original Pax $ 280, I plan on one.