Crabmeat Dip I
Written by John Keife

This recipe is from the late Vernon Roger (Ro-zhay) of TV Channel 9, Baton Rouge.  Vernon was a popular newsman who also hosted a brief segment introducing various Cajun dishes during his midday telecasts.  This is one of our favorites. Enjoy!

Created by:  Vernon Roger'

Crabmeat Mornay
Written by

This hot appetizer is now very popular throughout the U.S.  The only difficult step is picking through the processed crabmeat to insure that small pieces of shell are not present.  Note that your selection of crackers should be a plain flavor so as not to overcome the delicate taste of the creamy crabmeat and Swiss cheese.

Crabmeat Party Muffins
Written by John Keife

We always looked forward to Linda's 'world famous' crabmeat muffins.  Delicious served hot with a nice luncheon salad.

Created by:  Linda King

Cocktail Party Drumettes
Written by John Keife

This recipe preceded the nation-wide popularity of Buffalo Wings.  The combined crispiness of the fried wing and baking of the delicious coating provides a salty-sweet taste with crispy, tender bite.  I promise you will enjoy.

Created by:  Missy Keife

Chex Patio Mix
Written by

If spending hours over a stove or chopping does not interest you then this simple appetizer is always a hit at cocktail parties.  The salty and crunchy tastes goes so well with your favorite refreshments.


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