Lory's Oysters Bienville PDF Print E-mail
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Lory offers this rather simple yet very tasty variation to the traditional Oysters Bienville.

Created by:  Lory Donahue

Jalapeño Cheese and Sausage Dip PDF Print E-mail
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The use of andouille sausage and jalapenos in this dish add just the right amount of spicy flavor to keep guests coming back for more. .

Crabmeat Dip II PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Keife   

Always a favorite at South Louisiana cocktail parties. . .

Created by:  Claudia Braud

Guacamole Dip PDF Print E-mail
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You might substitute a nice sweet onion, but not the typically pungent yellow onion.  Also best sure to include the fresh cilantro and lemon juice.  They add just a nice fresh lift to the dip.  Enjoy!

Cajun Shrimp Cocktail PDF Print E-mail
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This is a great summertime patio appetizer proceeding a nice light lunch.  You might also consider adding a container of the Zatarain's Shrimp and Crab Boil to the boiling water when preparing shrimp; this will allow the shrimp to be the 'star of the show' with the numerous other ingredients. . .

Cajun Pate PDF Print E-mail
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Quite a sophisticated recipe and the result is sure to please your cocktail party guests. My daughter's contribution of this dish at a large holiday gathering I hosted, was outstanding. . .


Submitted by:  Jennifer K. Conrad

Boudin (boo-deh’) PDF Print E-mail
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So many of you have heard of Cajun boudin sausage, but have never had the opportunity to try it.  If you do prepare the recipe, you'll have a whole new appreciation for the labor that goes into this popular Cajun treat.  Oh! And it's equally delicious served cold or at room temperature.  I've enjoyed it cold with breakfast the next morning. . .

Crawfish Boulettes PDF Print E-mail
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This is the Cajun answer to the famous Maryland crab cakes.  Be sure to use authentic Louisiana crawfish.  Read the label carefully if you purchase frozen tails.  Often a name like 'Boudreaux' will be on the package frontl, however the crawfish are from some foreign country and not nearly as firm and clean-tasting as those caught and processed in South Louisiana.


Crabmeat Dip I PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Keife   

This recipe is from the late Vernon Roger (Ro-zhay) of TV Channel 9, Baton Rouge.  Vernon was a popular newsman who also hosted a brief segment introducing various Cajun dishes during his midday telecasts.  This is one of our favorites. Enjoy!

Created by:  Vernon Roger'


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