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The flag you see on the right was adopted as the official flag of the Acadiana area by the Louisiana legislature in 1974. Louisiana’s Acadiana basically includes a triangular area of 22 southern parishes from Lafayette

Lafayette at the northern tip, spreading east and west down to the Gulf of Mexico.

More will be discussed about this area in later postings.

Now back to our story. The key elements of the tri-color Acadian flag include the 3 white fleur-de-lis on the blue background. These symbols recognize the French heritage of the Acadian people who settled there.

The gold castle acknowledges the government of Spain which was in control of the Louisiana territory at the time of the Acadian migration. The Spanish government allowed that occupation in the late 18th Century.

The gold star on the white background represents the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the predominantly Catholic Acadians.

A flag similar to this modern design was originally presented in 1965 (the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana) by Dr. Thomas Arceneaux, professor at University of Southwest Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette).