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Throughout Cajun Country visitors will find many interesting sights; and usually there are stories (some of which are legend and others actual fact) that become part of the culture. And if you happen to be visiting Breaux Bridge,...


Louisiana near Lafayette (the capital of Acadiana), there is a place calledParc des Ponts de Pont Breaux.

There you’ll find a large black granite stone brought over from Zimbabwe, Africa. On this stone is mounted a solid violetta granite snake, it’s length curving over 20 feet. The granite for this part of the sculpture was imported from Saudi Arabia. The project was accomplished through the efforts of the City of Breaux Bridge.

Near the sculpture is a carved stone telling the story of the legend of Bayou Teche.

Hundreds of years ago, the local Chitimacha tribe were constantly terrorized by a hugh venemous snake that stretched for over 100 miles, from Morgan City to Port Barre’. After many years the Chitamachan chief gathered his warriors and took upon the frightening task of ridding their lives of the terrible villian. Well, the ultimate victory by the Chitamachans took many years and the serpent fought gallantly but eventually died in a twisting pattern stretching over this great distance.

As the years passed following it’s death, the deteriorating body of the snake created an ever deepening hole in the ground. This gaping hole eventually filled with water and became known as Bayou Tech. The word Tech, by the way, means snake.