HUMOR—Boudreaux and The Test
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Boudreaux took a trip on a train from Shriever, Louisiana to Chicago to visit his second cousin once removed. He sat next to a well-dressed gentlemen and immediately struck up a conversation. After introductions, Boudreaux commented


to his new friend, “You muss be an impotent man to be drassed up so good, heh?” The man noted that as a matter of fact he was an attorney with a large firm in Chicago.

Boudreaux replied, “Ah used to hunt alligator, but wit dem limits, ah stahted crawfishin fo’ a livin”.
The gentlemen acknowledged this and asked if Boudreaux would like to join him in a little game.

He explained they would each take a turn asking the other a question and if unable to answer, the loser would pay $100; however, in Boudreaux’s case, he would only have to pay $1 since the attorney was so much better educated. Boudreaux agreed and volunteered to ask the first question.

“Wat’s got tan eyes, seex legs, foteen tails, and lives in da bottom of Bayou Lafourche”, Boudreaux asked.

The attorney could not answer that and, as agreed, gave Boudreaux a $100 bill asking, “By the way, what is the answer?”

Boudreaux responded, “I dunno, and here’s yo dolla!”