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Saturday, 25 June 2011 00:27

Are you ready for another tasty treat? Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or just sitting down for a Friday evening meal, these one-dish presentations provide great flavors and don’t require hours of preparation


Seafood Fettuccine provide great flavors and don’t require hours of preparation. Just as in so many other Cajun recipes, versatility is the key. Before continuing this brief discussion, let me invite you to join us on You Tube for a 2-minute slide show titled Seafood Fettuccine. Remember these shows include Cajun Music. See you on the back side!

Now you can readily see how simple this dish can be. The second part of your homework is to send you to the actual recipe on the website. The seafood designation opens the opportunity to substitute Louisiana crawfish for the shrimp; and certainly crab meat is a wonderful accompaniment to the shrimp. If you can find boiled crabs and pick the meat yourself, you can save about $10.

As we become more skilled and adventurous chefs, there are other ways to add to the basic recipe. For instance, you’ll find that smoked pork sausage and/or andouille in moderation adds a distinctive Louisiana flavor to the meal; however be careful not to overload the sausages as they tend to dominate the delicate seafood flavors.

The recipe calls for jalapeno cheese and if you’re unable to find this on your grocer’s shelves, select a mild or sharp cheddar and add a generous amount of diced pickled jalapeno pepper, according to your heat tolerance. I’ve known people to use Mexican cheeses as a nice substitute; but you’ll still want to add additional jalapeno pepper.

The You Tube show doesn’t include mushrooms because my pantry was “bare” and I omitted them from the grocery list; but know that fresh or canned sliced mushrooms are delicious in taste and perfect in texture with the pasta and seafood. Also chopped artichoke hearts (tough outer leaves removed) and sliced black olives add color and interest to the dish. And although not mentioned in the video or recipe, green onions are the perfect finish on everything but Cajun desserts. I also decided a light sprinkle of paprika over the top of the casserole gives a nice spicy flavor to your first bite.

This is a one dish meal but a simple green salad with Italian dressing fulfills your Mama’s requirement for eating all your vegetables. Some folks enjoy the classic Caesar salad with the fettuccine; but I caution against using the creamy, heavy dressing. It’s a little too cheesy with the cheesy flavor of the entree’.

Well, until next time. Relax from your hectic day, look forward to an enjoyable and creative kitchen experience, and soak up the compliments from your dinner guests knowing you’ve provided them with a bit of happiness through your efforts!


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