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Saturday, 25 June 2011 00:23

I recently posted a 2-minute video to You Tube featuring a slide presentation of one of my favorite fall (or anytime) dishes. You might note that I usually include Cajun music to these videos; so if you’re sitting in the


library, courtroom, church or doctor’s office, you might want to turn down the volume. We’ve prepared this dish often as an appetizer; however, a word of caution—your guests are more than likely to request seconds or even thirds before you have an opportunity to serve the salad and entree’!

For specific instructions, I suggest you review the detailed recipe in our recipe section. For those interested, there are a number of substitutions or variations you can use and not affect the delicious, hearty flavor of this remarkable dish. At times we’ve used crawfish in lieu of shrimp. If available, crabmeat may be added to the shrimp version. Although not included in the recipe, your favorite andouille sausage certainly can be substituted or added to the ham seasoning. And many would agree that whole kernels from fresh corn (in lieu of the canned whole kernels) provide a bit more flavorful and fresh taste.

Just as in most soups and gumbos, the taste is much better the next day. So don’t be concerned about preparing this dish a day in advance, refrigerate, and then reheat to serve as a “leftover” the next day. It’s wonderful; and I’d appreciate any feedback or comments from y’all who are willing to try it. A special word of thanks to our dear friend Claudia who generously shared this recipe some years back.

So stay tuned to your You Tube channel and watch for future presentations. You can always check for recently uploaded slide shows by typing xyzgator in the search box in There, you’ll find all of the videos we’ve submitted.

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the cooler, drier fall weather.


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