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Saturday, 25 June 2011 00:11

You may not have yet had the opportunity to review the above recipe in the appetizer section of We happened across the recipe a number of years ago and have received rave reviews each time it’s been served.


We shared the recipe then, and now on the world-wide web, so everyone can enjoy it.

With over 600 recipes, it would be quite difficult to have seen it and actually tried it. And with holiday and party season right around the corner, I wanted to be sure to include it in a blog.

Although this cheesy tomato appetizer is noted as “worth the trouble”, it’s really no trouble at all; and the results are sure to be remarkable. Repeating the recipe in this space would be an unnecessary duplication, but the feta, sun-dried tomato, pesto, cream cheese, and pine nuts combine for an impressive show. So be sure to check it out in our recipe section.

The recipe makes two approximately 2″x 6″x 1 1/2″ pans which will keep for several weeks in your freezer. You simply must remember to remove it at least 6 hours before serving in order to soften.

When I hosted a holiday party of nearly 40 people a year ago, I erred in placing both portions of the tort in the same location. Well two people were able to position themselves in front as to monopolize the station so that double lines of 4 people each had formed behind them! As soon as I realized my mistake, I walked over and reached for one of the tortes, risking a severe slash to my hand, or worse, a bite from one of the feasting guests. You can only imagine me being followed by several guests with plates in hand, sloshing martinis, and jockeying for first dibs on the treat! If you happen to blunder as I did, don’t try to correct the situation after your friends have had a second cocktail; the results could be fatal!

So, if you’re invited to a cocktail party and feel the urge to bring along a “little something”, shock your hosts and their guest with this little ditty. You’ll be the talk of the society section; but when the questions arise as to where you bought it or how did you prepared it, answer as I always do: “I made it in my bathtub”!!


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