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Saturday, 25 June 2011 00:04

You’ve perhaps heard this term as identifying the Cajun way of life. One misconception however, is the assumption that it means simply having a good time. From the early days in Nova Scotia, Acadians worked diligently at


fishing, trapping, and farming. The first Acadians to settle in Louisiana understood the importance of hard work. And to this day, it is truly a culture of people who practice this work ethic and also celebrate their way of life with good times with family and friends.

These times of celebration usually revolve around food and music. You’ll find hundreds of local festivals throughout South Louisiana, where people from the community welcome visitors to share in the Cajun way of life. In later entries, I’ll provide a schedule of many popular festivals throughout the State.

So Joie de Vivre is an outlook on life as it exists and a desire to make the most of it. Cajun people most always have a positive attitude about their circumstance. They can always find something to celebrate; and perhaps this is an way of thinking that might benefit us all.


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