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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 21:44

To borrow a wonderful greeting from the late and great Justin Wilson. I believe Justin may be recognized as the “founding father” of televised Cajun cooking. He was quite a character and thousands of listeners probably credit his TV program with generating their early interest in the development of a love of cooking and sharing Cajun and Creole recipes.

There is something quite unique in sharing your culinary efforts with friends and neighbors. The custom of gathering around the kitchen began many years ago and many of us converted breakfast nooks into areas that provided comfortable seating in order to accommodate our hungry dinner guests. Life in South Louisiana certainly exemplified this wonderful custom.


It is my desire in this initial entry to acknowledge the great traditions of Cajuns everywhere and the importance of their food, music, and heritage. I promise to keep you informed with recipes, stories, and festivals throughout South Louisiana. Keep in mind, that just as those early Acadians found their way to Louisiana over 300 years ago, that their culture has spread though out the United States. Everywhere I travel, people are curious and desire to know more about the our food, customs, and history.

So, ma frans, I wahnt you all to pahs a good time wit good frans and fahmly. Always work hard but be sure to play wit jus as much vivre (life)! Bon Jour

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