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Here you'll find Cajun and New Orleans Creole recipes for preparing jambalaya , gumbo , Etouffee , court bouillon and New Orleans' favorite recipes for red beans and rice , Oysters Bienville , Oysters Rockefeller , Shrimp Remoulade , bread pudding , pralines, crawfish bisque, stuffed crabs , café au lait and beignets . Cajun food from Bayou Country often begins with a roux and followed by the trinity --- onions, bell pepper , and celery . Many recipes include crawfish , shrimp , crab , oysters , wild duck, and deer; and include the use of popular Cajun meats like andouille , tasso , and boudin.

Your guide to great cajun recipes

This site features blog and history sections on zydeco and Cajun music , Louisiana musicians , famous Louisiana people , stories about Louisiana plantations , South Louisiana cities, Cajun festivals and celebrations, and historic Louisiana landmarks . There is also a Cajun glossary containing nearly 100 common Cajun terms , pronunciation and definitions. The links tab offers an array of Louisiana products and related websites where you'll find just what you're looking for.

Cajun culture and Cajun lifestyle lives on in the customs and traditions of the people of Louisiana.