Cook on 2 to start then 3 for the second half. I now hold down both sides as I click them in. The reason I ask is I wonder if this would help your herb from drying out faster bc it would be farther from the heating element… Just curious. ONLY $20 W/FREE SHIPPING! I put 3 small flowers in it. I’ve had my pax for a few months now and its simplicity and awesomeness is ingenious! I notice also that my screen is somewhat loose, like if i tap the pax with a little bit of force, it falls off. I’ve been following your reviews for a while. This bundle combines two great parts together to improve the performance of your PAX 2 or PAX 3 vaporizer. Great site and awesome tips. I lost my oven screen is it still okay to use my pax without it? Looking forward to my Pax. That being said the 410 degrees shouldn’t cause Zinc to vaporize but I wouldn’t chance it. The mouthpiece hole is too restricting. so my question is – is it safe to use this grinder? But small slow heating samples one can extract everybit of goodness. Is most cases yes, the only time I would consider saving ABV for re-use later is if it was only lightly vaped at a low temperature. I want to be able to try it first. ive wasted 2 fully packed bowls trying out different things that every one talked about but i cant get it to work. – Despite not feeling the same effect, I am coughing so much more – pretty much every time I hit. Savor the best tasting new draws at some point take a pen knife and slice thru the oven material, repack and vape away, slice again (fine powder by now) and vape away til you are still getting great draws but not the effects as when fresh. My husband surprised me and bought me one a few days ago, and I couldn’t be happier! £8.90 £ 8. I wish you did show a smoke session in the video like you have with others just so I could get a better idea of how long you have to draw and the quality of the vapor but I trust your words. I open the cover and the material seems to have plenty of life in it. after a few puffs were you feel the heat of vapor reduce increase the temp the middle. Great site and reviews, thanks! The reason I ask is because I am looking for the vented oven lid that works on a pax 3 and the picture shown here looks slightly different to the product I want . But you have to remember those flower type herbs dont stay mashed because there fluffy, thats why you must press press press. As a long long time herb smoker, does the vap. 4.7 out of 5 stars 103. I don’t want it going stale either. Allows More Even Heating. Cool glad to hear they took care of you, thanks for posting. Nowadays, there are so many products of pax 3 vented vape oven lid in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. First thing to keep in mind is that you’ll get a finer grind and more vapor if your herb is fully dried out with very little moisture left in it. I’ve bought a PAX and saw your grinder review on Youtube. 2 stars. As the oven heats up the screen will heat up too and as long as your herb is pressed against the bottom and sides of the chamber it’ll vaporize your stuff from all angles. Sending back after further research it looks like I bought a fake . I got reimbursed by ebay. This 3 Piece Pax modification comes with 3 pieces. thanks, yes absolutely, I describe how to do it in detail in this post. Is dark brown too spent to be consumed as abv? Hey sorry for delay, I’m not really sure what could be going on that would cause that if you’re following the steps exactly as I show, if it’s clean and packed right you should def be getting visible vapor, maybe it’s stuck on low heat setting? 1 bag of 3pcs normal screen. Does turning it off save me any product? The new vape website says product 2857 does both pax . The first vape session tasted nasty. I’m new to vapourizing & checked different reviews , yours by far as I’ve seen gives the straight fwd no nonsense info. How can you tell when you are done? The third was better. it keeps on popping out. setting on a full charge. Some times i change back to the low temp and run through it again, sometimes i add a pinch in between temp changes. Yes, this is the same product. -pack the oven tight as you can (I use a USB cap) so that it fills 1/2 to 2/3 the oven (I live 1/2 myself). The screen is there mainly to block your material from traveling up the vapor path to the mouthpiece area. True there are lots of fakes out there which ends up being bad for everybody! meaning when not to smoke it any more and when to dump it and reload?? If batt is low will it effect ? Potent! Brand new Pax2 and I cannot get vapor/ smoke. The number one hit was cleaning…and not my type of cleaning, but take 5 minutes and clean it thoroughly with the right tools. Great idea screen! Hello guys, I pax, in addition to the herbs you can also use [solid concentrates]? doesn’t that degrade the plastic composition of the hardware cloth/screen? It would be so great if you could answer me on this question.