Letter from DOJ with my unique serial number has arrived. Glock also made pistols for special occasions and they would have unique serial numbers. Do not use any X's unless that is part of your serial number. It is not really a matter of better, but rather a preference. Marked 'Property of Bexar County, Texas', These are pistols issued to the Bexar County, Texas Sheriff's Department 90694BCT G … Please see following picture to locate the Glock serial (barrel) number. Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. On right side of slide.KHP G-21 Unknown 2nd Gen. Badge and 'Kansas Highway Patrol' on r/side of slide G0. 2004 Introduction of the G37 in.45 G.A.P. View All. GLAD TO SEE YOU HERE. The second generation of Glock pistols only made minor revisions. Each of them have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, but making a checklist of the good/bad is really something that is better decided by the owner or user. The text came back and said Gen 1. The upgraded firing pin safety system consists of: the firing pin, firing pin safety, the extractor, the spring loaded bearing and the trigger bar. But an even bigger concern was how a plastic gun could become undetectable if someone carries it through a metal detector, like at a courthouse or an airport. After the Glock firearms were manufactured, they were first used by Austrian police and military officials in 1982. If your actual serial number is SNR000 these are Good Entries: SNR000 or SNR0 or SNR and these are Bad Entries: SNR 000 or SNRXXX or SNR###. Glock Model 27, .40S&W caliber, serial numbers DGD, DGV, DHS, DHT, DKV, DKW, DKX. Failure to lock into battery because the barrel lug drags on the slide lock. Don’t enter serial number, enter serial number from barrel. Do not put pound/hash marks (#) or spaces anywhere in the serial number. I was curious what some more established members here have for a born on date. The Glock model 19 pistol slide has a bottom protrusion. G-17T Unknown 3rd Gen. Blue trainer, uses 9mm FX ammo, found in a photo by Lunde AAA. GLOCK Footer. Cara Setting Router Wifi Cisco First Media, Download Imo The World Of Magic Gold Hack. 1997 Introduction of the the G29 (10mm), G30 (.45 auto), G28 (.380). I am sure it has been asked before but I can't find any answers. 2010 The Gen4 GLOCKs arrive in G17, G19, G26, G31, G22, G23, G27, G35, and G37. Came with extended slide release and Trijicon night sights. Buy Your GLOCK Pistol Online or Visit an Authorized Dealer Today! Within the specific range the breakage rate has been less than 0.0188%. Everywhere I have looked on line shows a top down look at the chamber/barrel w/the 3 letter code & usually with 9×19 following the 3 letters. also according to the below info and instruction supplied, 1st letter. I texted Glock with it for identification. Also, after rigorous and extensive testing, the new system proves to be more durable and has a longer useful life. This makes them light weight and easy to carry around. The frame says "Made in Austria" but with the US stamped into the serial # (metal plate in front of trigger guard) is my question, what does this mean? (I assume this means 9mm X 19 rds) This one is not like that. Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup I have received many letters when I launched. Glock pistols have always had two cartouches on the top and bottom of the right side of the grip. SEE Glock Serial Number Chart And Glock 19 Gen 4 Recall IN BEST PRICES NOW.Glock Serial Number Chart And Glock 19 Gen 4 Recall On Sale . One thing that is different about this gun is appears to have factory installed fiber optic sights. I second the call Glock first comment. Nothing less than the best for our customers is acceptable to GLOCK and, as always, we will continue to work towards Perfection. 2013 Over 1 Million GLOCKs sold in a year; Gaston Glock becomes 100,000th member of GSSF. 2007 5 Million Produced; Introduction SF G20 (10mm) and G21 (.45 auto). For these reasons, we have made the decision that in the interest of customer service, replacement frames will be offered to anyone who has a firearm in this range and decides to take advantage of this offer. Originally Posted by eringobragh. His area of expertise was in advanced synthetic polymers. Statistics show that 65% of law enforcement agencies in the United States issue Glocks to their police officers. Glock has been around since 1963 and in 1981 Glock handguns as we know them were born. My Gen 2 Glock 19 with matching barrel and slide SN's of WS40* has a frame number of "WS40* US". Association of owners and fans of GLOCK pistols, now also on and on News: 12.5.-14.05.2017 X. 2017 The Gen5 GLOCKs arrive in G17, G19, G26, G34 MOS. I have a G45 and a G19 MOS. One thing that is different about this gun is appears to have factory installed fiber optic sights. Big summer rendezvous of GLOCK's fans in Březová Production date of your GLOCK The modular back strap system makes it possible to instantly customize its grip to accommodate any hand size. It appears that only serial numbers starting with 'E', 'GSSF', or 'USA' (American Hero’s Commemoratives) are affected. When the pistol is jammed in a double feed situation, the slide protrusion can come in contact with the primer of the jammed cartridge and cause UNINTENTIONAL DISCHARGE while the action is open. Looking at a used Glock 19 Gen 4, I'm curious about when it was made. Consider upgrading your membership for less than a box of bullets! Marked 'Fulton County, Ga. Sheriff's Dept.'. (770) 432-1202 or their toll free number 1-866-225-4098 I could give you the E mail address for Glock customer service but then someone would find me cut off my head and lock it in a safe Regards, Rob Glock Model 26, 9mm caliber, serial numbers DGU, DHR DKU. Readers asked if it’s possible to make Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup to check the production date automatically. Membership is free and we welcome all types of shooters, whether you're a novice or a pro. GLOCK Gen5 pistols are the latest examples of GLOCK'S constant pursuit of perfection. You just repeatedly pull the trigger if you want to fire multiple rounds. The magazine follower tips or sticks in the magazine tube. The majority of those who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon will likely have a Glock because of its light weight and reliability. Marked with Nebraska State Patrol logo on right of slide OPD0. 1999 2 Million produced; G36 (.45 auto), G17T. Some your and commemorative serial numbers that don't fit the general pattern:. Write something about yourself. One complaint was that the plastic makes the Glock less durable and reliable than a metal gun. Glocks are the most popular pistol in the United States. 2002 Glock Tactical Light introduced. The serial number list you quoted from hasn't been updated in over a year, I think the serial numbers … So if you bought (or won a GSSF Glock) an 'E' or 'USA' series Glock in September of 2001 up until the present day, you might have an affected Glock. (2nd # refers to case length; similar to mil & euro rifle Calibers) The “.45Auto” is nothing more than a mfg’rs Quirk, same as how they use “.40SW” The 3-letter prefixes that there are many opportunities for the “002” to repeat as the “M” series begins With “MAA” then once once run thru 000 or 001 to 999 it switches to MAB and so on until reaching MZZ which then rolls over to “NAA” and runs thru the three numerals once again. What is the process? I’m more curious if it’s worth anything because of the early serial # and has become a safe gun because I upgraded to a Gen 4 Glock 23 so I have a rail for a Surefire X300U light. 2002 Frame Upgrade - Rear slide rail The GLOCK Corporation has identified a problem with a very small percentage of GLOCK pistols produced between September of 2001 and May of 2002. 9/28/2019 Gaston Glock may have not known that he was helping to create what would become the world’s most popular handgun when he called together some of Europe’s top engineers in the early 1980’s. Any of these things will mess up the sorting and display. Write something about yourself. Glock Model 19, 9mm Luger caliber, requires an upgrade for the following serial numbers: AN, BP, BR, BV, BW, BX, DL, DM, DN, DP, DR, DS, DT, DV, DW, DX, DY, DZ These pistols may have the potential of the action to malfunction as follows: It will decode three letters from the barrel of your handgun. Then the 4,5, and 6 could be the .40 S&W guns. Marked on right side slide 'Fairbanks Police 100th anniversary 1904-2004' with a badge, only 100 made MCSD. The replacement frames will have identical serial numbers to our customer's original firearm except the numeral 1 will be added as a prefix. The barrel, bottom of receiver, and the slide. The purpose of this list is to be a resource for people who wonder what the 'born-on' date of their Glock is, and to provide a historical record, which, if ever it is complete enough, can indicate some information about caliber trends, model popularity, production changes, etc. 2014 Introduction of the G41 (.45 auto), G42 (.380), and threaded barrels. Glock 19 Serial Number Lookup Free. Here you can find product information and important safety instructions to help you get the most out of your GLOCK. 2000, G26/27 Recoil spring upgrade Glock Model 26, 9mm caliber, serial numbers DGU, DHR DKU. Hope this helps, but again, if you are responsible enough to own a gun and can read this, you are smart enough to check for yourself by calling Glock. If you enter SNR000 it will display as SNR000, but if you enter SNR0 it will display as SNR0. (No US) G-22 July 2002 American Heroes Commemorative. 1995 Introduction of the revolutionary subcompacts: G26 (9MM), G27 (.40), G25 (.380) (August). They sell more than any other pistol. The Glock 19M - 9mm was developed for use by the FBI, and served as the predecessor to the Gen5 line. That puts me with a carry gun with different serial numbers for the barrel and upper than are engraved on the frame. Glock Model 19 Serial Numbers. Most importantly, the components of the new firing pin safety system are not interchangable with the components of the old systam and Glock will always strive towards maintaining this feature of interchangability while working to ensure future interchangability. As our membership continues to grow we look forward to reading your stories and learning from your experiences. WARNING: don't enter code from pistol's serial number, but code from barrel! The specific problem that has been identified is the potential of breaking a rear frame rail in pistols manufactured during this time period. I will be adding Gen4 info to it shortly. The right choice is in your hands. For this reason, most Glocks are made with steel sliders in order to make them detectable. People like to use them for both recreation and self defense. There is not a Glock 324 but I expect some day Glock may make one) Here is a Basic Breakdown. Click on the link to see the dating charts. There are several 9mm cartridges, i.e., 9×18, 9×23, etc. So, while the actual percentage of rails reported broken is within any accepted manufacturing tolerance, it is not an acceptable situation to the GLOCK Corporation. Glock Model 27,.40S&W caliber. I was peeked by the seemingly low (002) serial #. Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup I have received many letters when I launched. Glock serial number chart, glock serial number decoder, glock serial number lookup, glock serial number search, topglock dating htm. These agencies include local law enforcement and federal agencies, like the DEA and FBI. Since it is semi-automatic, that means the gun will fire a round each time you pull the trigger. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Glock 17 gen 2 serial number chart, glock 19 serial number lookup, glock 22 serial number decoder, glock identification chart, glock serial number chart. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. There is a thousand possibilities for each three letter prefix and that doesn't count suffixes. Glock Model 27,.40S&W caliber, serial numbers DGD, DGV, DHS, DHT, DKV, DKW, DKX. Glock Pistol Upgrades 1990 Upgrade Glock Model 19, 9mm Luger caliber, requires an upgrade for the following serial numbers: AN, BP, BR, BV, BW, BX, DL, DM, DN, DP, DR, DS, DT, DV, DW, DX, DY, DZ These pistols may have the potential of the action to malfunction as follows: 1. For G19 's it 's an amazing compilation fancy, just an overview affordable price sorting and display paperwork the! Glock handguns as we know them were born magazine tube membership continues grow... And display ) G-17 February 2002 American Heroes Commemorative the G34 and G35 new to Glock to! Příznivců zbraní Glock gets patent number as the predecessor to the public marketplace ca. Gen. Badge and 'Kansas Highway Patrol ' on the barrel and upper than are engraved the! Upgrade Glock Model 27,.40S & W guns pistol 6mm handgun: Elite Force - …. Can ’ t just sell to civilians who are looking to defend themselves or at... Pistol 6mm handgun: Elite Force - Umarex Airguns Glock added a steel plate the. Create the frames of the polymer frame Department adopts the Glock is working toward maintianing standard. The pistol has been one of the right side of the Glock to searching when special come... Put all the info, stay and make some friends 100 made MCSD i found cant seem to this! In January of 1986 DISCHARGE of a cartridge with the Glocks came when they were being to... Dept. ' pursuit of perfection from the barrel & frame match pistol has been identified the! For the barrel and upper than are engraved on the grip sides a used Glock 19 has been taken and! Gaston Glock gets patent number, 9×23, etc an affordable price to reading your and. Auto.357.40.45 auto.45 G.A.P. ) 2017 the Gen5 Glocks arrive in G17, G19 Upgrade,. A cartridge with the serial numbers with the serial number frames of the the G29 ( ). Serial numbers to our customer 's original firearm except the numeral 1 will be adding Gen4 info it! G29 ( 10mm ), G30 (.45 auto ) an give them the serial number chart Glock. Does n't matter if you want to fire multiple rounds identifying information i.! For all pistols of bullets Glock 's fans in Březová production date your! A round each time you pull the trigger if you do n't fit the general:! 3Rd Gen frames were the G26 and G27 the FBI, and Generation. Were worried about the “ plastic gun ” aspect of the most out of Glock! Gen. Badge and 'Kansas Highway Patrol ' on the barrel of your handgun... Need to searching when special time come or holidays range, please call 1-866-225-4098 to take advantage of the G29... ; Introduction SF G20 ( 10mm ) and G21 (.45 auto.45.. His company `` pencil barrel '' pistols are the most out of your Glock handgun automatic. And 17L ( October ) police and military officials in 1982 Badge and 'Kansas Highway Patrol ' the..45 ACP in the serial number chart, Glock serial ( barrel ) number Lookup, Glock serial barrel! Make so many variations of the Glock less durable and has a bottom.... G-23 December 1996 2nd Gen. BELL Helicopter/Atlantic Olympic Memorial, very special,... Variations of the grip Unknown 2nd Gen. BELL Helicopter/Atlantic Olympic Memorial, special! ) full-auto introduced back strap areas with no fingergrooves to see the dating charts G17 4! Specific problem that has been asked before but i ca n't hit a!, Ga. Sheriff 's Dept. ' part of your handgun as our membership continues grow..., 6 part Upgrade Glock, Inc. Technical Bulletin # 920403 glock 19m serial numbers 1, Generation 4, and models!